The Acre Moat Canopy – Lightweight Membranes 2013

22 August – 1 September 2013 || The Architectural Association Visiting School, Tel Aviv

This year, the Tel Aviv Visiting School will face a unique challenge to become part of a building project – the construction of a tensile canopy for a new horse-racing arena in the ancient port city of Akko [also known as Acre].

The importance of ancient Akko – a well-protected, fortified city – is reflected in its eventful history during the periods of crusaders’ rule in the Holy Land, Napoleon’s conquests and the ottoman empire. The canopy project, located within the historic moats [Akko’s defense belt ] which surround the ancient walls of the city, will recharge Acre with a contemporary interpretation of its past traditions.

Working within the contextual constraints of a world heritage archaeological site, the workshop shall propose a contemporary lightweight intervention within the solid fortified walls of the citadel. Joining an in-depth collaboration with experts in construction, fabric manufacturing and advanced digital design techniques and engineering, we will set out to explore the translation of an architectural idea into a durable and innovative canopy structure.

This intensive 10-day laboratory will expose participants to cutting edge processes of membrane design, form-finding, materialization and fabrication techniques which will be guided as a joint venture by professionals from the building industry [construction and fabric], computational design and The Old Acre Development Company.

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