The Acre Moat Canopy 2013  

Lightweight Membranes 2013 || The Architectural Association VS, Tel Aviv

This year, the Tel Aviv Visiting School will face a unique challenge to become part of a building project – the construction of a tensile canopy for a new horse-racing arena in the ancient port city of Akko [also known as Acre].

The importance of ancient Akko – a well-protected, fortified city – is reflected in its eventful history during the periods of crusaders’ rule in the Holy Land, Napoleon’s conquests and the ottoman empire. The canopy project, located within the historic moats [Akko’s defense belt ] which surround the ancient walls of the city, will recharge Acre with a contemporary interpretation of its past traditions.

Working within the contextual constraints of a world heritage archaeological site, the workshop shall propose a contemporary lightweight intervention within the solid fortified walls of the citadel. Joining an in-depth collaboration with experts in construction, fabric manufacturing and advanced digital design techniques and engineering, we will set out to explore the translation of an architectural idea into a durable and innovative canopy structure.

This intensive 10-day laboratory will expose participants to cutting edge processes of membrane design, form-finding, materialization and fabrication techniques, which will be guided as a joint venture by professionals from the building industry [construction and fabric], computational design and The Old Acre Development Agency.

frei otto_munich stadium small

Johannes-Foerster_MG_0209 small


Top: Frei Otto, Munich Stadium
Middle: Barkow Leibinger, Marrakech Biennale (photo by Johannes-Foerster)
Bottom: Akko ancient citadel (cross-vaults)


The deadline for applications is 15 August 2013.

An application can be made by completing the Online application form . If you are not able to do an online payment, please email for other payment options.

All participants traveling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required. After payment of fees, the AA can provide a letter confirming participation in the workshop. A portfolio or CV is not required for standard application, only the online application form and payment.


The AA Visiting School requires a fee of £695 per participant, which includes a £60 Visiting Membership. If you are already a member, the total fee will be reduced automatically by £60 by the online payment system. Fees are non refundable. Fees do not include flights.

Accommodation during the workshop is not provided, but advice on accommodation options can be given. Students need to bring their own laptops, digital equipment and model making tools. Please ensure this equipment is covered by your own insurance as the AA takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen at the workshop.

TLV Scholarships

A limited amount of scholarships are available for applications before 1 August 2013. In case you are interested to apply for the TLV Scholarship please send us the following :

-Registration proof (60£ payment on the AA registration page).

-A short CV (pdf format, 1-2 A4 in English or Hebrew)

-A sample of work (pdf format , 1-2 A4 pages in English or Hebrew).

Scholarship applications should be sent to


The workshop is open to current architecture and design students and professionals worldwide.

Software skills in Rhino and Grasshopper will be appreciated but not required

The results of the ‘Acre Moat’ workshop will become a part of an exhibition during the coming ‘Akko Festival’ and will be integrated in the ongoing design process of the Acre Canopy project.



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