ActiveMatter2012, with Ben van Berkel, Brett Steele, Alisa Andrasek, curated by Gary Freedman and Shany Barath

Date: 26/2/2012
Time: 13:00:00
Venue: The Peres Center for Peace, Yaffo

We perceive our environment as an ‘ActiveMatter’, immersed in a dense field of visible and invisible forces, connected in a complex system of geological, hydrological and atmospheric relations as well as cultural and social bonds.Such understanding has encouraged architects and designers to widen their scope of exploration in order to accommodate fully the transformative tendencies of the landscape as well as its performative potentials. Shifting from notions of nature versus city, or natural versus artificial, the idea of design as an active agent capable of monitoring, amplifying and even manufacturing environments has brought forward a new spectrum of mediation between nature, technology and built environment.Bringing together architects, engineers, product designers, environmentalists and Industrial manufacturers, ActiveMatter will ‘stir-up’ an interdisciplinary discussion, speculating and cultivating the emergence of new infrastructural and recreational systems within the vast Negev Desert.

13:00 AA Active Matter Program Introduction
Arch. Gary Freedman, Program Director
Arch. Shany Barath, Program Director

13:30 Workshop Results presentation
15:30 Panel Discussion:
Arch. Ben Van Berkel, UNStudio, Co–Founder , Amsterdam
Arch. Brett Steele, Architectural Association School of Architecture, Director, London
Arch. Alisa Andrasek, Biothing, London
Arch. Gary Freedman, ShaGa Studio, Amsterdam
Arch. Sabine Müller, SMAQ, Berlin
Arch. Alfredo Ramirez, Groundlab, London
16:00 Break

16:30 Arch. Alisa Andrasek, Biothing, Director, London
‘Open Synthesis: Towards Increased Resolution Fabric of Architecture’
17:30 Arch. Brett Steele, Architectural Association School of Architecture, Director, London
18:30 Break

19:00 Arch. Ben Van Berkel, UNStudio, Co–Founder, Amsterdam
Keynote Speaker, ‘The New Understanding’

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